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Preparing Your Vehicle For Repair or Service


We have the following procedure in place for receiving vehicles into our workshop, and servicing mobile.

Workshop Appointments

  1. All towing/storage covers to be removed
  2. We recommend customers removing their personal belongings from their vehicle
  3. All locking wheel bolt adapters to be left inside the vehicle
  4. Water pump, gas cylinder, and battery to be left inside the vehicle
  5. Alarm/tracker code to be left inside the vehicle (if fitted)
  6. Please keep to your appointment time, as our workshop is booked accordingly. If you are running late, please let us know ASAP
  7. Remove all soft furnishings, and personal enquipment in the area we are working (essential for repair vehicles)

Mobile Appointments

  1. Electric supply connected
  2. Water ready in a container (for motorhomes 50% of fresh water tank filled)
  3. All security devices removed (we will not refit after the service)
  4. At least 3 feet around the vehicle
  5. Cash payment (we cannot accept card payment, check, or other forms of payment)
  6. Locking wheel bolt adapter to be left inside the vehicle
  7. Water pump, battery, and gas cylinder to be fitted or available