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Workshop Servicing

Recreational vehicles require regular maintenance to keep them in great condition. Servicing is something owners should have carried out annually on their vehicle. An annual service checks, and tests all factory fitted equipment on your vehicle - so any potential safety issue can be raised, and rectified before it gets worse.

As a member of the AWS (Approved Workshop Scheme), we can service almost any recreational vehicle out there; a full list of industry supporting manufacturers can be found here.
Being an AWS member, your
 recreational vehicle warranty will remain valid.

We complete services the same day, so there's no need for multiple journeys.

An annual service checks and tests:

  • LP gas system
  • Water system
  • Electrical system
  • Braking system
  • Structure
  • Safety system
  • Water ingress
  • Some modifications installed

All services come complete with full paperwork, and we'll talk you through your service when you collect your vehicle.

We invite customers to set a repair limit for us to go up to. This is for replacing items which have expiry dates. E.g. gas hoses.

On motorhomes, we only service the habitation area, the road vehicle will require servicing by an automotive garage.

Notice About Booking

When booking your appointment, please let a staff member know of any issues at this time. We book appointment times accordingly; we may not be able look at any further issues brought to our attention on the day.